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LED bulbs can be used in many common fixtures in your home, including accent lighting, track lighting, room lighting and outdoor spotlights. They offer many unique money and energy-saving benefits over traditional bulbs.

LED bulbs have an exceptionally long lifespan. They can last up to 5 times longer than compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. A typical LED light that burns 8 hours a day can last about 17 years before it needs changing, making LED bulbs an ideal choice for hard-to-reach lights.

LED bulbs have no filament or moving parts, making them extremely durable and low maintenance.LED bulbs generate almost no heat or UV rays, which can help reduce air conditioning costs in your home and help keep fabrics and furnishings from fading. LED bulbs provide greater energy savings by using up to 80% less energy to produce the same amount of brightness as that of CFLs and incandescent bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What does LED stand for?
LED stands for light emitting diodes. LED lights were commonly used as decorations for Christmas trees in the past. They are now for everyday use in residences and businesses.
  Is cool white brighter than warm white?
No cool white and warm white have the same lumen output but the Kelvin rating changes. Cool white lamps run at a temperature (Kelvin of +_ 4000K warm white at +_ 2800). This is purely the difference in colour temperature.
  What does "luminaire" mean?
A light fixture is an electrical device used to create artificial light and/or illumination. A luminaire is a lighting fixture complete with the light source or lamp, the reflector for directing the light and an aperture (with or without a lens). See our Encyclopeadia for more information.
  How much more energy efficient is a LED lamp?
When designed properly, an LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy.
  What is the lifespan of a LED lamp?
LED Life span varies from 30000 to 50000 hours.

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